Friday, March 7, 2014

Foods for Glowing Healthy Skin

Want glowing skin? Get the glow back by eating foods that make skin cells radiant from the inside. Eating plenty of "good fats" during the dry winter months can be especially helpful to nourish the skin from the inside and maintain moisture. Below is a short list of the best skin nourishing foods:  

1.) Cucumber: One of the most alkaline foods on the planet, cucumber is fantastic as a cleansing aid. The skin of cucumber contains lots of silicon and a variety of other "green" nutrients. Choose organic to avoid pesticides.

2.) Hemp Seed: Help is a complete nutrient food - containing all 9 essential amino acids. It is one of the best vegetarian protein sources and high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and minerals. You can buy help seeds raw or purchase a hemp protein powder to add to smoothies.  

3.) Coconut & Coconut Oil: Full of healthy saturated fat, coconut contains lots of antioxidants and has been show to help control blood sugar levels. In addition, coconut can boost thyroid health and help in skin repair. Coconut can be eaten straight, used for cooking, or blended into smoothies and even used topically on the face and body.  

4.) Avocado: Full of the "good fats" and high in vitamins and minerals, the nutrients in avocados are especially beneficial for skin glow. Some of the nutritional power-houses found under the peel include: vitamins E, C, K, B6, selenium, zinc, folate, potassium, beta-carotene and healthy fats.

 5.) Olives & Olive Oil: Get lots of vitamin E in your olive oil; This fat-soluble vitamin is well known as a source of beauty that helps the skin by rebuilding connective tissues. Olives are full of vitamins, minerals and mono-unsaturated fats that work together to keep the skin moist and smooth, especially during the dry winter season.  

6.) Arugula & Spinach: Greens are great to alkalize the body and provide nutrients such as vitamin A & sulfur. The nutrients in these super-greens can help protect skin from oxidizing sun damage. Acne is often improved by adding vitamin A, as are other skin conditions.